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The World’s Most Versatile Platform

This platform was designed to be the ultimate multi-purpose building block for almost any type of off-road vehicle. Fully tig welded and constructed of 4130 chromoly steel, this platform gives owners and builders alike the basics they need to build an unlimited truck or buggy in a multitude of configurations. With this platform, you’ll have the foundation for anything from a full on class one race car (single seat two seat) a truck a four-seat prerunner or just a play car, to just about anything you can imagine in between.

This platform gives the builder some impressive specifications that will help start any vehicle off down the path to success. Designed for applications that use a 37” or larger tire, the vehicle you transform this platform into will have 28” of wheel travel in the front and 24” in the rear, a 92” track width and a 128” wheelbase (adjustable upon request). From there, you will be able to custom build your roll cage and chassis to your liking, giving you a vehicle that is uniquely your own, without the difficulty of designing and manufacturing your own suspension. For those who aren’t interested in the platform, but who would like to give their vehicle a serious suspension upgrade, consider the option of our available front arms, rear arms, spindles, and front clip. These can be purchased individually, or in any combination you choose.

Featured as a Masterpiece in Metal in DirtSports magazine, and raced by some of the best drivers around in the brutal testing grounds Nevada The platform has been throughly race-proven to give you great quality, reliability and confidence. With prices starting at $9500.00, this is the platform that can help turn your project from an idea into reality without the complications of a ground up build.

The Suspension

Designed with industry-leading SolidWorks software, our suspension components are at the cutting edge of off-road technology. In our shop, we use only the highest quality materials, ensuring that our products will be durable, functional, and well-suited to your vehicle. Hand-built under the trained eyes of our knowledgeable and experienced in-house fabricators, our suspension products are first class, and it is our goal to produce products you’ll be proud to use on your vehicle.

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Chassis Options

(Remember..It’s whatever you want it to be)
When you purchase our platform, the number one thing you’ve given yourself is versatility. Using our platform as a base, there are numerous designs and configurations that we’ve already dreamed up, and there are no doubt many more that you have that would be easily grown from this platform.

So what does this versatility mean? It means that you can take our platform and use it as the basis for your off-road vehicle. Our platform provides you with a consistent, no-guess-work suspension geometry that is a proven, durable design. From there, you build upwards and outwards, taking the chassis you have in mind and making the entire vehicle into something that is uniquely your own. As an example, we have built an open class, two-seat desert racing buggy off of our platform, to show just one possibility of what can be built using our platform as a starting point. This is an in-house designed chassis that we offer upon purchase of the platform, but we also encourage you to take one of our platforms to your local builder, so that you can more easily manage your project’s construction at a location that is, for you, closer to home. If you don’t have a reliable local builder, we are more than happy to point in the direction of one of our many recommended fabrication shops.

Take a look at the gallery below, and see what we’ve done with one of our platforms. This should give you an idea of how far you can take your own idea, and our platform may be just the starting point you need build your own masterpiece.

Available Packages (In Stock)

Use our platform as the ultimate starting point for your dream off-road vehicle. All the suspension guess work is done, so all you have to do is make the vehicle your own.

Complete Spine with Front/Rear Suspension: $23,500.00 July/August Only Special 17,500

Front Clip only with Front Suspension: $11,500.00
Modify and upgrade your vehicle’s front suspension, giving you an impressive 28″ of front wheel travel and a proven geometry that will eat the biggest bumps alive.

Front Suspension Arms/Spindles: $8900.00
Give yourself the finest front arms and spindles available. Utilizing top notch materials and precise production, these are components you’ll be proud to run on your vehicle.

Rear Arms only with your choice of Hub Plates: $2900.00
As with our front suspension, you’ll be getting a substantial upgrade, no matter what you’ve got now. Our Tig welded 4130 chromoly arms give you strong arms that are race proven, and our vast array of hub plates allows you to go with your choice of many well-known component brands as you build or improve your vehicle.

All platform and suspension components are normally kept in-stock, and are available for shipment within one week of your order placement. We also offer worldwide shipping, so no matter where you call home, you can bring one of our platforms to your own shop, or to your local builder, and see it become your very own car, all while you are able to keep close tabs on the project as it moves towards completion.

(Prices include all materials needed, machined parts,welding and all labor. Shipping is additional)

Complete Turnkey Class One Car Available. 245,000  Call for gallery and info 602-531-5626

See The Build Here

Below you will find just work in progress pictures misc pictures of parts.. welding and a general mix of photos.

Using your imagination, it’s easy to see how the list of vehicles that could be built off of our platform would be a very long list indeed. Here are some of the basic ideas we’ve conceived for this platform, and of course there are many variances of each basic idea (i.e. single seat vs. two, three, or four seat, two-wheel drive vs. four-wheel drive, etc.).

  • Open-wheel desert race buggy
  • Trophy Truck or similar unlimited class race truck
  • Prerunner buggy or truck
  • “Dual Sport” or “Play car” buggy or truck
  • Tour vehicles
  • Law enforcement (Border Patrol, special task vehicles)
  • Military (troop transport, reconnaissance, ground assault, etc)
  • Movie cars

Again, these are just some of the possible vehicles that this platform could be used for. What’s your idea? Chances are, if you’re thinking about an off-road vehicle, we’ve got the platform to get it started.

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